Vista da exposição individual Contorno Aparente (2021) na Sala de Exposições da Fbaul.
Partial view of the solo exhibition Contorno Aparente (2021)  at the Fbaul Exhibition Room.

Ponto Cego | Blind Spot

Single Channel video installation

In Blind Spot, time is split in half by a mirror that filters and repels the projecting luminous flux, dividing it in two complementary images that are the opposite of each other. It is has if both the front and back of the image are seen at the same time, without ever knowing which one is it, as if we were experiencing a repetitive event, within a suspended time.

Blind Spot summons a ‘pas de deux’ between a cyclic and hypnotic movement of the rocking ocean waves and a myopic image that incessantly seeks to become legible.

Recorded with autofocus on, the image becomes intermittent when trying to focus on the waving swell, creating, alternately, sharp and blurred images forming patches of blue and brown tones, somehow like when we open and half-close our eyes to better focus on what lies ahead. The image breathes in unison with the perpetual movement of the sea: it contracts and relaxes like a heartbeat. Blind Spot is about the perceptual uncertainties of the world around us and that emptiness (the scotoma) that leads us to diffused realities and, ultimately, to oblivion, in an endless colective cycle that pushes us to repeat all over again.

2024 Loops.Expanded, DuplaCena-Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea, Lisboa.

2021 Contorno Aparente, Sala de Exposições, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.