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Mixed Media Installation [Stone, video, full HD, sound, loop]

In Fracture there seems to be a mirroring between two images, however, they were recorded at different times and therefore, are not a reflection of each other. Indeed, this mirroring is real, but not in real time. The reflexivity process was fractured to suspend the time of the image, and this fracture was placed upon the apparent symmetry axis. It is necessary to wound, to separate, to destroy the image a little in order to find an axis of symmetry, as Didi-Huberman would say. In Fracture the gap, the cut, in the stone means to open a suspended time that sensitively amplifies the perception between the past, the present and the future of the image, allowing for other readings than those immediately perceived.

Contorno Aparente, 2021, Exhibitions Room, Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University