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Escrita em espelho
Video-Installation, Mini-DV, colour, mute, 1’ 25’’, loop.

In the video two hands are writing simultaneously in an unsuccessful symmetry, a proposition that repeats the same subject. The writer is notably right-handed and the left hand writes with increased difficulty, creating an unreadable handwriting.
This mirror writing alludes to the idea of a self representation confronted with its double, or mirrored image, as something that is part of us physically and/or intellectually, but that is not active, is negative, or asleep, or undecipherable.
The sentence means the unspeakable and is an attempt to formulate a thought, that is no longer a thought, it attempts to overcome itself, annihilating its meaning in that attempt.

XIV Bienal de Jovens Criadores da Europa e do MediterrâneoSkopje, Macedonia, 2009.

Mostra Nacional de Jovens CriadoresPavilhão Antiga FIL, Lisboa, Portugal, 2007.