Stainless Steel, Video, sound, 3’45’’; loop; 25fps; Full HD.

Rupture, is an installation that consists of an aluminium plate, struck vertically only halfway, on which a video with two images is projected. The images seem to mirror each other, but in reality they are two distinct images. In the image on the left we see the forest and each landscape element approaching the camera. In the image on the right, the elements of nature are moving away from the camera. Or we could say that on the left the camera is facing forward, and on the right is facing backwards. The two images confront each other according to a disconcerting dichotomy reinforced by the illusion of symmetry: forward and backward; approaching and distancing from something. The movement of both images converge towards the central and vertical axis of the plate, and coincide with the clipping in it, as if that struck divided an image of the forest in order to reveal its double temporality.

Contorno Aparente, Sala de Exposições, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, PT