Ponto Cego | Blind Spot
Mixed media installation (Mirror, video and sound, Full HD, 25fps, loop)

In Blind Spot, the specular surface interrupts the projective flow by dividing and unfolding it into two images. Here, the specular surface does not show any reflection, but transforms the projecting image. The surface sometimes allows to be traversed by the image, sometimes repels it in the opposite direction, resulting in two images projected on opposite walls that, although inverted, complement each other. The cyclical, almost hypnotic movement of the rocking ocean waves was captured using the auto focus. As a result, the camera incessantly tries to focus this movement, creating, alternately, sharp images and blurred images forming patches of blue and brown tones. The intermittency of the focus summons on the one hand the breathing of the image, but also brings a reference to the idea of a myopic image, that is, an image that seeks to define itself, in the same way when we half-close our eyes to better see what is far away.

Contorno Aparente, Sala de Exposições, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, 2021