O tempo da paisagem

O tempo da paisagem

Lithographic pencil and charcoal powder on paper

Fundação da Juventude. Palácio das Artes, Porto, Portugal, 2017.
Salle Vieira da Silva / Maison du Portugal, Paris, França, 2018.
Museu Arqueológico do Carmo, Lisboa,Portugal, 2018.
Sala Acua / Centra de Iniciativas Culturales. Cuenca, Espanha, 2018.

Beneath him in the bottom of the deep,

Sees many beauteous sights—weeds, fishes, flowers,

Grots, pebbles, roots of trees, and fancies more,

Yet often is perplexed, and cannot part

The shadow from the substance, rocks and sky

Mountains and clouds, reflected in the depth

Of the clear flood, from things which there abide

In their true dwelling (…)1

1   William Wordsworth, in Prelude.

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