Escrita em espelho

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Escrita em Espelho

Video-Installation, Mini-DV, colour, mute, 1’ 25’’, loop.

In the video two hands are writing simultaneously in an unsuccessful symmetry, a proposition that repeats the same subject. The writer is notably right-handed and the left hand writes with increased difficulty, creating an unreadable handwriting.
This mirror writing alludes to the idea of a self representation confronted with its double, or mirrored image, as something that is part of us physically and/or intellectually, but that is not active, is negative, or asleep, or undecipherable.
The sentence means the unspeakable and is an attempt to formulate a thought, that is no longer a thought, it attempts to overcome itself, annihilating its meaning in that attempt.

FIL Pavillion, Lisboa, Portugal, 2007.
XIV Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Skopje, Macedonia, 2009.

A linha que está aqui
agora está ali
para que ali fique
a linha
que estava lá.

The line which is here
is now there
in order to remain there
The line that was once here.