Encontro catróptico num plano inesperado
Mixed media installation [
Photography, video and sound in loop, mirror, furniture]

On this specular surface a set of projected images are presented. They can be revealed only when the viewer looks from a particular point of view (the sublime point, where both sides of a duality can be understood simultaneously) in relation to the mirror, just like an anamorphic image. Thus, the reflected image “fits” in the transparent or blank areas of the mirror, which in turn present the projected images. The specular space restores some consistency, but also a certain awkwardness. The spectator, standing in a particular point of view, faces the confrontation between all direct and deferred projections, specular and videographic. All these components are in tension on a flat surface: the mirror.

This installation presents the notion of projection according with three distinct possibilities: 1) a projected image, using light; 2) an image reflected by a specular surface; 3) and a perceived image of the set of the first two, according to a particular point of view.

SpectrumCasa Museu Medeiros e Almeida, Lisboa, 2012.