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Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A primeira Ceia

Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A primeira Ceia

Project Room: mixed media installations, video and drawing.
Co-autoria: Inês Moura


Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A Primeira Ceia was a Project Room co-authored with Inês Moura, with a duration of a month that culminated in a day of presentation of several works. It consisted of a series of projects that were based on installation, video, drawing and performance, areas of interest and research of both authors that proposed work in unconventional.

Exhibition history

Loja 6 do Chiado Plaza, Lisboa, PT

O mesmo que



These videos are part of an audiovisual sculpture and brings into question the absence of the conventional use of its own sculptural techniques. These videos seek to test the limits on the technological language of sculpture by exploring the performativity of gesture and the hand as a tool in the process of artistic creation, and ultimately question whether the artist still depend on his/her handicraft.
The actions portrayed in the videos are redefinitions of words, which are already directly or indirectly linked with the issue of handcraft.






Ao mesmo tempo

Ao mesmo tempo

Documentary, Mini-DV, colour, sound, 19’ 09’’


Ao mesmo tempo (At the same time) depicts two different times in the same space, through a documentary record of a nursing home that was once a family home.

Different times and different spaces, try to coexist in the same place, but what’s left are just memories or ghosts of childhoods that grew along with the house.

Outside, the past is presented through photographic records, which show the house under construction. In the garden, two olive trees no longer serve to support a hammock where children used to swing. The unfinished brick and cement stairs are now concluded.

The locations that were lived, where the children played, where something used to happen, are now abandoned. Much like the old ones.

Inside there is no photographic records unless one family album of one of the old ladies. There is only the moment, the tired present, the waiting, and the aging.