Ponto Cego

Ponto Cego | Blind Spot2021Mixed media installation (Mirror, video and sound, Full HD, 25fps, loop) Description In Blind Spot, the specular surface interrupts the projective flow by dividing and unfolding it into two images. Here, the specular surface does not show any reflection, but transforms the projecting image. The surface sometimes allows to be traversed by the […]


https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/641626069 Fracture2021Mixed Media Installation [Stone, video, full HD, sound, loop] Description In Fracture there seems to be a mirroring between two images, however, they were recorded at different times and therefore, are not a reflection of each other. Indeed, this mirroring is real, but not in real time. The reflexivity process was fractured to suspend the time […]

Âme — Vie

Âme — Vie 2021 Mixed Media installation (Mirror, video and sound, Full HD, 25fps, loop) Description In Âme—Vie, the word Âme is inhaled and the word Vie is exhaled, in an assumed reference to Bachelard’s breathing dialectic of life and soul: “In this total submission to the aerial imagination, we will hear the two words uttered in the breath itself, before […]

En haleine

En haleine2021Mixed media installation (Black sand, synchronised video and sound, Full HD, 25fps, loop) Description En haleine is a mixed media installation where two close-up shots of an air gush, buried in dark sand, show the expanding and contracting of the veins. In each inhalation there is an intent to hold the breath for as […]


Rupture2021Stainless Steel, Video, sound, 3’45’’; loop; 25fps; Full HD. Description Rupture, is an installation that consists of an aluminium plate, struck vertically only halfway, on which a video with two images is projected. The images seem to mirror each other, but in reality they are two distinct images. In the image on the left we […]

Das sombras que permanecem

Das sombras que permanecem2017Mixed media installationVideo, sand, glass, drawing Description Das sombras que permanecem is an installation that explores the struggle between the motionless time and the infinite movement that resonates in the cyclic phenomena of nature and in the human condition resilience. In this tense game of contrasts between mobility and immobility of the image, […]

A natureza entre dois mundos

Previous Next A natureza entre dois mundosMixed media installation [Video and sound in loop, mirror, steel] Description This installation had its starting point the representation mode of the Eastern culture which implies a process of reverse painting as opposed to the pictorial representations of the West, since the first layers of the painting are the […]

Encontro catróptico num plano inesperado

Encontro catróptico num plano inesperado2012Mixed media installation [Photography, video and sound in loop, mirror, furniture] Description On this specular surface a set of projected images are presented. They can be revealed only when the viewer looks from a particular point of view (the sublime point, where both sides of a duality can be understood simultaneously) […]

O espelho da cidade

O espelho da cidade2011Mixed media installation [mirrors, video in loop, no sound] Description This video shows an image from the beginning of the XX century, depicting Portuguese intellectuals and artists in Martinho da Arcada coffee shop, located in Lisbon. This film was shot under water, taking advantage of its movements and describing a counterclockwise circular camera motion. It […]

Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A primeira Ceia

Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A primeira Ceia2009-2010Project Room: mixedv media installations, video and drawing.Co-autoria: Inês Moura Description Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A Primeira Ceia was a Project Room co-authored with Inês Moura, with a duration of a month that culminated in a day of presentation of several works. It consisted […]