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Lithographic pencil on paper
42cm x 59,4cm

Part of a series of drawings, Landcuts shows us cropped landscapes produced by light cutouts that resembles glowing screens. The drawing was made with lithographic pencil, which enabled me to capture a noisy and grainy ambience usually associated with the light-sensitive materiality of film.

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O tempo da paisagem

O tempo da paisagem

Lithographic pencil and charcoal powder on paper

Fundação da Juventude. Palácio das Artes, Porto, Portugal, 2017.
Salle Vieira da Silva / Maison du Portugal, Paris, França, 2018.
Museu Arqueológico do Carmo, Lisboa,Portugal, 2018.
Sala Acua / Centra de Iniciativas Culturales. Cuenca, Espanha, 2018.

Beneath him in the bottom of the deep,

Sees many beauteous sights—weeds, fishes, flowers,

Grots, pebbles, roots of trees, and fancies more,

Yet often is perplexed, and cannot part

The shadow from the substance, rocks and sky

Mountains and clouds, reflected in the depth

Of the clear flood, from things which there abide

In their true dwelling (…)1

1   William Wordsworth, in Prelude.

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Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A primeira Ceia

Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra... A primeira Ceia

Project Room: mixed media installations, video and drawing.
Co-autoria: Inês Moura

Depois do ouro, do incenso e da mirra… A Primeira Ceia was a Project Room co-authored with Inês Moura, with a duration of a month that culminated in a day of presentation of several works. It consisted of a series of projects that were based on installation, video, drawing and performance, areas of interest and research of both authors that proposed work in unconventional.

Loja 6 do Chiado Plaza, Lisboa, PT

Movimentos em pausa

Movimentos em pausa

Site specific installation
Video (transcripted super 8, colour, no sound, 15′ looped)

Loja 6 do Chiado Plaza, Lisboa, PT

Resquícios de desenho

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Resquícios de Desenho

Mixed media installation
Video, 4’49” (loop), no sound.

Remnants of Drawing is a video projection that was aimed at a corner of a room. Throughout the projection, we can see a hand drawing the surrounding space and a character that enters the screen. This work is based on architectural and geometric definition of space, as a place of constant spatial transformations generated by the body. The hand constructs the space as if it were a sculpture, leaving, through drawing, a trace not only as a remnant of an absence but also a virtual presence.
Accentuated by the ephemerality of projection, the image also alludes to a certain invisibility of work effort and to an absence of conventional technologies of sculpture, resulting in a symbiosis of these artistic practices, drawing, architecture, sculpture and video.

Desenhar o espaço

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Desenhar o Espaço

Video-installation,  1’ 50’’

This installation presents a real space in confrontation with a representation space. It questions the virtuality of representation by problematizing the perception of two different times in the same space, but also two spaces that coexist at the same time.

In the space of the installation the drawing is the action that conveys the connection with the real world through the intersubjective field of perception. The hand starts by drawing the boundaries of the projection and the edges of the real space, but then encounters a corner that doesn’t belong to the physical space of the now, mas it belongs to the physical space of another time.

FIL Pavillion, Lisboa, Portugal, 2007.
XIV Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Skopje, Macedonia, 2009.