Helena Ferreira (Lisbon, 1982) is an artist that develops mixed media installations in the scope of video, sculpture and drawing.

She is graduated in Sculpture from FBAUL, holds a master degree in Visual Art Teaching and is currently developing her PhD in Art Installation, with the support of a FCT fellowship. Her main research interest is focused on how can we subvert the notions of projection and screen, from an extrapolated and expanded approach to the different meanings that can be drawn from them.

Her artistic practice has extensively explored the deployment, reversibility or the juxtaposition of images on a given surface or space in order to dwell on the experience of suspension of time, on the narrative of the landscape, and on the reverse of images. Helena Ferreira seeks to question and to set out new ways of thinking about the compromise between screen and body, and vice versa, by exploring the conceptual aspects that involve the subject-observer and the object-technology.

Over the past decade Ferreira has shown her artwork in Portugal and abroad, has curated art exhibitions, has been invited to present conferences, seminars and workshops, and has taught Descriptive Geometry. She has co-edited essay books and catalogues, as well as published some findings of her research on screens and projection, public art, art research. Helena was also co-coordinator of the Post-Screen: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures, a successful event which allowed her the opportunity to work with national and international renown artists, critics and experts .