A natureza entre dois mundos
Mixed media installation [Video and sound in loop, mirror, steel]

This installation had its starting point the representation mode of the Eastern culture which implies a process of reverse painting as opposed to the pictorial representations of the West, since the first layers of the painting are the first ones visible across the glass, and the last strokes are the least visible. This process is precisely the opposite of the pictorial representation that characterizes the tromp l’oeil of Renaissance painting.

Starting from this idea, A Natureza entre dois mundos (The Nature between two worlds) displays the possibility of presenting both the front and back of the projected video image, as if we were able to see, at the same time, the beginning and the end of its creation, as if the image could tell two truths at the same time.

Face to Face: The Transcending of Arts and Beyond, Galeria da Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, PT